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Our business is dedicated to customer service. For trade customers, this means assisting them in any way to sell to their customers. Our belief is that the more successful our customers are with their business, the more successful we will be.

We have hundreds of antique dealers and shop owners as our partners near us who stored thousands of un-restored furniture. They are from different parts of China who collecting antique furnitures from around China. As a dealer, we will be more than happy to invite you to our showroom and factory here in China and the un-restored furniture market. You have vast variety of choices to pick up the un-restored or restored pieces according to your own taste. Our factory will do the restoration, handling and shipping matters for you with the charges of the exact price(a rough costs is listed in our Shipping and Handling section). We can do any level of restoration needed to the pieces prior to the container loading. This means the pieces arrive at the dealer¡¯s premises exactly how they want.

To help our customers reduce their storage expenses and sell their goods quickly, also to help more customers know their stores or warehouses. We pack the goods in a salable wood crates, we will include an item no.(ID) and a photo on the marking. We take photos and send them (sometimes, we help to post on a auction website such as Ebay). They will post the photos on a auction site or their own website. Or they just want to show their customers in their premises. That means, they are selling the goods while the goods are on the sea to their premises. After they get the goods, maybe they have sold most of them and they can put an address on the wood crates and send their customers without doing anything.

Also, if you do not have the goods your customer required in your stock. Use our website! You may find something. If you can¡¯t, please inform us and we will cooperate as long as we can. Don¡¯t miss the opportunity to sell.

The above is just some of our experiences about how we help our customers to sell their goods. We are open to any ideas that may help you expand your markets. We will be happy to do anything we can.




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